Meet Dan.

South East London born and raised, Dan Nwachukwu a serial entrepreneur with 15 years' experience in construction, sales and finance. A wickedly ambitious innovator now, CEO of new venture, Goobig.

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A lot of people want to know the man behind the idea.

Where did the idea come from? What did you do before?

"The idea for Goobig came from me thinking how many people must have spent time day-dreaming about or wondering what they would do if they had a billion dollars. It’s a question I’ve answered in my own mind hundreds of times. I started thinking to myself what I would be prepared to pay to give myself a shot and making that a reality, and that is where the idea for a competition started.  My background is in sales. I understand how to present things in a way that people find appealing. I would always try to package whatever I was selling as more of an emotion, a mindset. I think the fact that most people have spent at least some time wondering, or dreaming about being a billionaire makes it easier for them to recall those feelings when introduced to Goobig."

How does Goobig differ to other competitions in the market?

"Is there another competition that offers the chance of becoming a billionaire? Is there another competition that has odds as good as 1/1000 of becoming a millionaire?"

What is your biggest challenge?

"We’re new & not yet a household name. We will only achieve this by delivering on our promises, creating millionaires & eventually billionaires. It may take time, but I genuinely think the world is ready to look at the lottery model differently, & embrace a platform where you really have a much better chance of winning."

Naturally, there will be some sceptics, what do you say to them?

"Go and play the lottery, where your odds are 1/44m."