What is Goobig?

A digital competition platform on both web and mobile selling, 1m tokens in each competition lifecycle. Crowning 59 winners, with the minimum prize being $1m and the top prize being $1B. In crude terms, almost like a digital raffle.

Where is the company based?

We are based in the UK, London  however the competition is open to other territories where we are able to operate.

When are the winners announced?

There are 8 different draws announcing 59 winners in total. Each draw happens at token sale milestones, the first one being 1000 and the last being 1million.

What are the odds of winning?

Best odds:

1B: 1/1M

Any prize: 1/17000

1st prize of 1M: 1/1000

Worst odds:

1B: 1/1M

Any prize: 1/23000

How does it work?

Entrants simply purchase a token, valued at $1750, or $1500 with a discount. This can be done via the app or website. 

When are you launching?

March 2021