Billionaires, Bitcoin & Breaking the system.

Big news? It will be.

Goobig, a London startup who are breaking boundaries to crown 50 Millionaires, 8 Multimillionaires and 1 Billionaire. The lottery alternative is designed for bold, wealthy innovators who play 'big'. Transparent odds, news worthy draws and only accepting Bitcoin to play, Goobig is transforming traditions in every way.



To enter Goobig you answer 1 multiple choice question, that enables you to purchase a Gootoken. 1 token enters you in to 8 draws with 59 chances to win. 

A finite amount of tokens are issued; 1m. So you always know what your odds of winning are.

With 1 Gootoken from the 1st 1000 issued your odds would be 1/1000.

Yeah, we told you - transforming tradition.


"Goobig over the last year has become more than just a business idea. It has become a mantra for everything I preach and practice, it's own verb. Goobig - to go beyond the norm in an exceptional way. It's in this sense that I can truly say, I love everything stands for. In time I believe thousands of other people will too."

Dan, CEO